Pruning of Grapes in Spring?

Pruning grapes

This article show you how pruning your grapes can help you to prevent grape vines harvest from destructive frosts. So the main questions are when to prune grapes and how to do it correctly. So, as everybody knows, pruning is one of the most important actions which are required for your grapes. Of course, you shoul not forget that spring pruning is necessary to do, as well as, . Without pruning your plant can not produce good-looking, healthy, succulent grapes and in the worst case even any grapes.

Of course, the first question you need to answer when you begin to prune your grapes is how to prune grape vines in spring correctly. Speaking about  proper spring pruning, we should mention some information about what will happen if not to do pruning. So, there will be an enormous amount of  buds which will sprout in spring. I hope you understand, that having a lot of buds is impossible for grapes because it will be quite difficult to produce enough power for feeding all of its buds. This situation is very stressful for grape vines which make them more sensitive for the spring frost then nice preliminarily pruned grape vine.

In some countries spring frost become a  big problem and cold damage beyond pruning the grapes can destroy future grape crop. Of course, if you have the same problem you need to defend your grapes. As usual, for these countries the best way to defent grape vines is to plant cold hardy grade grapes but the timing of when you will prune your grape vine not less important. Early pruning can cause the damage of your grape vine, because your grapes will get out of dormancy earlier and will be more susceptible to frost.

Spring pruning of grapes

So the best way to resolve spring frost problems is the act of removing all  undesirable canes from the grape vines, leaving only those which are needed for you. This shold be done before the buds will swelling, usually 3 weeks before spring. During this period the huge amount of grape vines buds will be diminished which will help the grapes to produce more nutrients for buds and make them fruity. At the same time, you can forsake the the fruiting canes of grape vines and do not prune them, especially if your grapes grew very hard last time.

During the spring fruiting canes buds begin to swell. Usually it start from the tip. The buds on the base of the stick will keep sleeping mush longer, and you will need to prune your grape vine. As a rule, it should be done after the buds will be well opened.

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