How to Grow Grapes from Seeds?

grapes seeds

Today there are a big variety of grapes from black grapes and white grapes to red grapes and green grapes. They all are delicious, fruity and in interesting to grow. Usually the persons who want to know ,  are interested in growing grapes from seeds. So some of grapes grower trying to grow grape vines from seeds.

But of course, growing grapes from seeds is not a perfect way to produce grapes, because the genetics of grape vines is not fully collected be the seeds. So, if you growing grapes from seeds, your grapes will not have the truly characteristics of this grade. With no doubt, it is not the easiest and quickest method to grow grape vines, probably it will take up to three or four years to produce some new grapes from the seeds.

Anothe problem which growers are facing, when grow grape vines from seeds, is the fact that only a few of all your seeds will sprout. The seeds of grapes have a very heavy seedcase which do not give a chance to dormant before conditions for germination become applicable for growing. So the seeds must go throgh the manipulation called “stratification” firstly.

Stratification of grape vines seeds:

The stratification is significant for growing a grape vine from seeds. Many seeds need a period of cold to start the germination process. In nature, this is reached when seeds sit in the ground over the winter, but growers can simulate it through the process of stratification, so, the best period to start stratification is in December.


First thing you should do when you begin to grow grapes from seeds, is to put the seeds in turf moss or wet paper towel and keep them inside a fridge for at least three months. The perfect temperature for stratification is from one to three ºC which should be kept during the whole process. Of course, growers can keep their seeds for a long time in stratification, because grape vines seeds will not bourgeon under these provisions.

After stratification, you should take grapes seeds from the fridge and set them to the pots. The best temperature for the transfer is about 20 ºC daytime and nighttime temperatures around 15 ºC, so If the atmoshpere is colder, some growers use warmth mates or a greenhouse to enlarge the temperature.

Some of the planting grape vines seeds will start to sprout after a several weeks, usually it takes from two to eight weeks. Do not forget when your seedling will be 8 cm high, it is time to trasplant them into more bigger pots. The ground which you use should be humid but not to much.The keeping process grapes seedlings inside continues until they have grow up to 30 cm height, and create a nice network of roots. A lot of experienced grapes growers advise to grow the grape vines in the container for a full year, if you grow them from the seeds. After that you shuold plant your grape vines into the ground. But do not forget that grapes need of care throughout the entire growing period.

This article shows you how to grow grapes from seeds correctly. I believe that it was useful for you, but, of course, there are much more concrete information about this topic which help you to became a expert in growing grapes. The only think that I can advise you is “The Complete Grape Growing System”. It contains a lot of necessary and useful information and I’m sure could be very helpful for you.



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