Take Care of Grape Vines

grape vines

If you grow grape vines or planing to grow them it is neccessary to know how to take care of your grapes. In the early years the young grapes should be well weed, loose and fed and watering should be done only when needed, for example, if it was too dry summer. In the year of planting grapes no pruning should not be done. In the following years will have to break off pinch and thin out the leaves. These techniques are necessary to the main fruiting shoots of grape vines receive good nutrition, and the bush become developed properly and gave the harvest.

Pruning is the processes of removal of the weak and coppice shoots on the grapes bush. It is made after the appearance of inflorescences and tendrils, but before the escape odereveneet at the base. Breaking are starting from the bottom, then move on to the sleeves and knots and the part of the strong shoots are left for future updates bush. Pinching is the process of removing the tops of green shoots. This prevents the plant to stretch in length and redirects the nutrient flow to the inflorescences. Pinching should be done at 2 or 3 days before flowering.

Growing grapes will inevitably thickened shoots of the second and third order which is called stepchildren, this can cause the decrease of the harvest. Therefore, grapes lover need to limit growth. But it is not necessary to remove them radically in the stage of formation of the bush, they are important for proper metabolism. Young, stepchildren are removed completely. Woody and leafy stepsons should be cut off at the top leaving no more than four leaves on each.

grape vines

For 2-3 weeks before ripening to nip off you need leaves that overlap the clusters from the sun, because of this the grape vines berries will fill faster and will increase their sugar content. However, it is necessary to remove a maximum of five leaves each cluster to process food is not violated. Pruning must be maked every autumn, after the leaves shall fade. Without pruning grapes will grow very strongly, and the berries will be shrinking.

Fertilizing the vines do better in the fall. The most effective way is to make the dressing in a small trench depth of 60 or 70 cm, excavated along and at a distance of not less than 1 m from the landing, this will help power to supply directly into the main root zone. In the area about 1 m occupied by the vine, you need 6 or 8 kg decomposed manure and 80 or 100 g sifted ashes.

In late autumn the trimmed grape vines are laid on the ground so as to protect it from accidental damage. When the cold weather comes and the ground freezes, the vine should be covered and insulated by lutrasilom. Shelter should be fixed for not to be blown by the wind. Unpretentious varieties of grapes is not neccessary to cover, because they can overwinter under the snow.

In April, the cover of grape vines removes not immediately because spring bright sun can burn it. It is necessary to wait for the arrival of resistant plus air temperatures, and opens grapes in cloudy weather or at night. To prevent possible contamination after wintering fungal diseases that vines can be treated with drugs as “Home” or “oksihom”. This measure is not mandatory, because in usual climate grapes almost no sick, it is enough to make sure that there are no signs of infection.

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