Main Diseases of Grapes

Diseases of Grape Vines

The danger for the grapes can be from many pests and a variety of bacterial. Because of these diseases, as well as the fault of the adverse weather and soil conditions can be damaged about 30% of the crop. Also, grapes diseases and pests of grapes weaken and depleting reserves of nutrients. To save the harvest is necessary to protect the grapes from these disease. Consider the main grapes vines diseases and their treatment, as well as ways of pests liquidation.

Major Dieseases of Grape Vines and Their Treatment

When the grapes are striking by diseases, it is necessary to immediately determine the correct type of grape vines disease and take measures to solve them. In each case, you should carry out a complex chemical and agro-technical measures, utilizing the natural regulation factors.

There are two main type of grapes diseases suc as infectious and non-infectious diseases of grapes. The most dangerous infectious diseases are: mildew, downy mildew, anthracnose, gray and white rot.

Mildew, which is also known as downy mildew, is the most common disease of grapes, which causes great harm to the plant. Furthermore, this disease affects on every part of green plants, berries, leaves and shoots. The causative agent of the disease is the fungus Plasmopara viticola Berl. et Toni, which is known as an obligate parasite. The Increased humidity contributes to the high prevalence of this disease. The main feature of this grapes disease is the formation of mildew in the summer on the tips of the leaves and specific oily stains, which has a rounded shape of arbitrary size. At high humidity, for example, in the rainy season, on the back side of the sheet can be formed a white powdery coating. In the course of evolution of this grape vines disease spots formed surface necrosis, gradually spreading to the healthy portion of the sheet and, of course, heavily stricken leaves may fall off.

Method to control disease of grapes is:

  • cultivation of resistant varieties,
  • timely supplement of potash and phosphate fertilizers,
  • mulching shrubs soil,
  • timly pruning,
  • prophylactic treatment of contact fungicides.

The first treatment should be carried out during the period when the young shoots reach 15 or 20 cm, the second treatment of grapes is just before flowering, and the third grape vines theatment is when the berries will grow to the size of a pea. Also you can use the following drugs for grapes disease treatment: Bordeaux , Antrakol, Kuproksat, Reed, Horus, Thanos.

Oidium is the second grape vines disease. The disease caused by the Uncinula necator Burril. To check your grapes for disease is easy if you see thin, stunted with  grayish-white color of curly leaves. First of all, the grapes disease affects the leaves, and after that  affects on shoot tips and infected berries dry up and inflorescences die out.

Method to control disease of grapes is:

  • is necessary to implement measures to airing shrubs,
  • garter and pruning of shoots,
  • weeding weeds.

If your grape vines have this disease you should carry out preventive treatment with special preparations as strobe, Thanos, Horus, Topaz or Thiovit.

grapes disease

Gray mold is a contagious grapes disease which is often occurs in wet climate. It affected on the ripened grapes to a large extent. The main signs of the disease are the grape berries drilling, cracking skin, formation fluffy gray fur. Unfortunately,there is no an effective measures to combat the disease of grapes. It is recommended to carry out some measures to prevent infection:

  • ensuring optimal load of your grapes.
  • formation of bushes at higher trunk.
  • timely garter and pruning of the shoots,
  • cutting off the excess leaves for good ventilation,
  • cultivation of varieties resistant to gray mold.

Chlorosis disease of grapes can be recognized by the disappearance of green color of grape vines leaves. The disease can appear as a result of cold weather, as well as the lack of elements in the soil which are necessary for the chlorophyll formation. Also, the over-saturation of the soil with bird droppings can be very dangerous and can cause this grape vines disease too.
The main treatment of grape disease is:

  • using nitrogen and phosphobacterin tablets by dissolving them in water;
  • soil enrichment of iron sulfate;
  • treatment of wounds after pruning.

Also, to protect the grapes from this disease, you can sprinkle grapes leaves in the morning and evening with a solution of iron sulphate. Do not forget, it is very necessary not only to protect the grapes from pests and diseases, but also protect it from birds and wasps. Timely preventing the disease of grapes, you can save it and get a generous crop.

This article shows you the main grape vines disease. I believe that it was useful for you, but, of course, there are much more concrete information about this topic which help you to became a expert in growing grapes.

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