How to Plant Grapes Correctly

planting grapes

When planting grapes we must remember that grapes require well-lit, open and sun-warmed plots. Rows of vines is better to place from south to north, and the bushes is better to covere evenly on all sides by a number. Planting density depends on several factors such as the quality of training and the type of soil, the area which was choosen for planting grapes, the forces of the bush growth, etc.

The distance between the bushes in the ranks should be 1.5 or 2 meters, you can plant thicker at the device of the two-plane trellis. The distance between the bushes on the arch shuold be 1 or 2 meters, it is depending on the thickening arches and soil preparation.

Planting cuttings

There is a way of planting the cuttings which have the length about 50 or 60 cm and which was harvested in autumn. They are buried in the holes punched with a crowbar. Before planting you shuold make an oblique cut usually at 1 cm below the lower eye and 1 cm above the top eyelet. Pre-cuttings are soaked in water at room temperature for 2 days. Planting in this way is the best for spring, when the temperature rises over 10 degrees. There are some disadvantage of this method of planting grape vines such as the low survival rate of not more than 50%. Such way to plant the grapes do not recommended because there are too big expense of planting material and the harvest will have to wait for a long time.

Planting seedlings

Acquired seedlings before planting should be soaked and shortened in growth and roots and after that should be planted in the pre-cooked pit. Experienced grapes growers believe that for growing strong, resistant to disease and winterkill grapes it is neccessary to create a specific landing pits with drainage and irrigation, which is fed directly to the roots of the grape vines.

Landing pit

Landing pit

Consider one of the ways of the device of the landing pit, you are should be guaranteed that the vines will quickly form and will not be hurt. It is important not to bury the roots of seedlings deeper than 45 cm during the planting grape vines, so that they can be quickly warmed and slowed the development of the bush, but the roots of the plant requires a large supply of water and they must be protected from freezing.

All these problems are solved by the proper arrangement of grape vines pit. Pit shuold be excavated to a depth of 70 cm, 80 cm long and 40 cm wide, the direction of planting grape vines is desirable to be from north to south. Excavated earth were mixed with humus and sand. At the bottom of the pit poured 350 or 400 grams of double superphosphate. Top laid gravel, crushed stone or expanded clay layer about 10 cm. On the south side in the gravel is placed a pipe of plastic or metal with a diameter of 10 to 15 cm. The length of this pipe is selected such that its end was above the soil level up to 5 or 10 cm.

On the drain put sticks, twigs, small cutting boards to our drainage did not immediately sucked by ground. Next poured into the pit prepared earth layer about 20 cm, you can also add some microelements. To the north of pipes grapes grower should pour hill of land and put seedling there and also straighten the roots and covered with earth. Moreover you should carefully rammed earth and pour two buckets of warm water. When the water is absorbed, it is neccessary to fall asleep the pit to the top. Do not forget, that only one kidney should be left on the ground level, the rest should be in the ground.

Fertilize the seedling in the first year is not necessary, only to pour two buckets of water in the tube once a week. So when the moisture is down, the roots penetrate to quickly master the pit and the adjacent soil area. Watering in the pipe is easily, the water does not evaporate, its consumption is several times lower than usual. The pipe can be used for easily adding a top dressing and solutions are fed directly to the plant roots. The pipe should be covered with a lid to avoid clogged and was not a trap for wildlife.

This article shows you the main information about planting grape vines. I believe that it was useful for you, but, of course, there are much more concrete information about this topic which help you to became a expert in growing grapes. Thanks for reading and have a greate success in your growing.

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