Harvesting Grape Vines

Grape Harvesting

Harvesting of the grapes is one of the most important thing that grape vines growers should know how to do correctly. There are some important information which will help you to get great harvest of grape vines.

Only at full maturity of grapes its taste, nutritional and dietary qualities reach their maximum values of characteristic of the class. Do not forget that the grapes harvested prematurely can not ripen in maturation. But grapes, which was overriped on the bushes, become easy to prey for birds and insects, and of course, become unusable for storage. In addition, delayed harvesting dramatically reduces the degree of ripening vines. So the most important is the correct definition of the full maturity state of the grapes.

Of course the first thing that should be analized is the degree of maturity of the grapes, it can be judged by the color of berries. Ripe berries of most white wines acquire a beautiful golden or amber color and not ripe have a dirty green unattractive color. Dark grapes have a uniform dark blue or black color.

Grape Vines HarvestBut the fullness of the color of berries is largely dependent on the sunlight, and they can not be an indicator of grapes maturity. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account other features, the most important of which are the following: berries quite easily separated from the stem, the taste is not felt with a sharp acidity, peel fruit becomes transparent and thin, the sweetness is well defined, the seeds are brown and can be easily separated from the pulp, it is well expressed aroma of this variety.

Some varieties of the grapes after their fully ripe, begin to rapidly deteriorate, so their cleaning can not loiter. Harvest of the late ripening varieties of grapes is recommended to remove selectively, and not leaving it in the hope of maturation. Gardener should think not only about the harvest, but also about the safe wintering of the bush. Another grape vines varieties is desirable to remove in dry weather in the evening or early morning hours, which helps to protect grapes from dew or rain drops. If it was rain, it is necessary to wait a few days to evaporate excess moisture from the grape vines berries.

So if your grapes is full of maturity you should cut the grapes brush. Do not forget, it is necessary to cut with scissors, holding a brush for the stalk and do not squeezing the berries. It is very important during the harvesting of grape vines to keep the waxy coating on the berries, which can be easily erased. You can not pluck berries from the bunches, it will attract insects and will lead to a deterioration of the remaining berries. And one of the mos important thing in checking the maturity of the grapes is that the grape vines berries should be taken from the bottom of the brush, where they ripen later.

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