Growing Grapes On The Pergola is easy.

Grape vines Pergola

Growing grapes on your pergola is easier than you might think. As you know, the grapes can grow completely on everything from ground to the walls and even trees. A lot of grapes growers use their plants not only for making a perfect harvest but also for decoration of their gardens. In fact, pergola is one of the best place you may choose for grape vines.

Let’s start to discuss a several questions about the construction of pergolas and growing grapes on a pergola. Of course, growing grapes on trellis is extremely recommended for grapes lovers and the pergola is one of the best type of trellis. Growing  grape vines on pergola makes it much lighter to keep the grapes under control during summer period and because of an fixed structure makes winter pruning much easier too. Also, the grape vine’s leaves will catch max of the essential for photosynthesis and growth sunlight if you will build a pergola. More over, growing grapes on pergola allows you to make more effective treatments and spray protection and consequently less diseases for the grapes. And of course, pergola is a perfect and exclusive decoration for your garden.

So, as everything in our life, growing grapes on a pergola have some little inconveniences. Such as, if you realy want to create a grate decoration of your pergola you should understend that for making this thing you will have to work with hands above the head which can be fiddly. And more over, your grapes will not grow over the pergola by themselves, you will need to help them.

So if you really want to have fabulous and terrific pergola at your garden to the envy of neighbors this article is for you. Persons who are interested in “” are usually come to question about “How to decorate your garden by grapes”. Of course, pergola is the best variant. So now I will show you the main things you shuld know when start growing grapes on pergola.


Growing Grapes On Pergola: First Steps

It is strictly recommended to design the pergola or buy the finished pergola’s version before planting the grape vines. There are a lot of different, and really interesting types of pergola all over the world, so it is for you to decide how your pergola will looks like. But nevertheless, once you planted the grapes, you will training them to reach the roof of the pergola as soon as possible.

Before starting growing grapes on pergola you should decide for yourself what it will be. Will you grow grapes only as decoration of your garden or you will be growing grapes on a pergola for the harvest as well as for decoration. If you grow grape vines on pergola for decorative destination only, you shuold choose a not fruit producing variety of grapes, wich will produce no harvest.

Start by planning the pergola project in advance.  Firstly, decide on where you will raise the pergola and what size it will be. Of course, there are a lot of pergola’s plans accessible through the internet, but of course you can create your own or buy a finally created one. As I just said, it does not matter how it will look like, choosing the nice place is more important.

Growing Grapes On Pergola: Planting Grape Vines

After the construction of pergola it is time to plant grape vines and begining of your growing grapes on your perfect pergola. Of course, the number of vines you should grow depends on size of your pergola. You should cerefuly choose the type of the grapes too. For example, the Concord variety of grapes can easily cover 32 squire feet area. So, analize your pergola and variety of grapes before planting, because too many grape vines on a shortish pergola, will make you harder to work with. The experts recomed to start growing grapes on pergola with two for every 64 squire feet, but of course you can plant more if you want.

After planting the grapes, you slould to train the grape vine to reach the pergola’s roof. Some growers, use only one training grapes shoot for ensure your grape vine reach the pergolas top much faster. And when you have achieved the roof, then you sould train the grape vines along the width of the pergola. Do not forger, if you plant fruit grapes it can be very heavy for the pergola because grapes harvest are strongly increasing in weight during the growing. And of course, your pergola must be very strong to withstand winds, snow, rain and other vagaries of nature.

Growing Grapes On Pergola: Training Grape Vines

When you start to grow grapes on the pergola your aim is to reach the roof of your pergola and to cover it all as soon as possible or even faster. But if you apparently do not do that for the first growing year, do not despair you will be able to do that in the second year of growing grapes on a pergola.

At the training period of growing grapes on a pergola you should choose the training shoots that you will use, but not too much of them. After you grapes become to grow you shuld fix them firmly to the pergola, but not too densely, to the upright post. Some grapes growers use garden twine for that. Of course you will need to fix your grapes over all growing period to guide them up for covering your pergold. It is not so hard to do. Anyway, you will understand how to do that after starting growing grapes on a pergola.

Do not forget, when growing grapes on a pergola you must continue to look after grapes for whole period. Of course, It is not so comfortable to worke on a grapes which is six feet above but all in all, pruning is also necesary for your grapes. So remeber to do evry year pruning and required treatments.

This article shows you how to grow grapes on pergola. I believe that it was useful for you, but, of course, there are much more concrete information about this topic which help you to became a expert in growing grapes. The only think that I can advise you is “The Complete Grape Growing System”. It contains a lot of necessary and useful information and I’m sure could be very helpful for you.


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