Growing Grapes in Pot

grapes in pot

Grapes are one of the most popular crops to grow. But if you do not have a garden or a large area for growing grapes that does not mean that you can not grow grape vines.  For the cultivation of the grape vines in pots, the plants during all this period of growth is well watered and, if necessary, in the future bind to the pegs. When the cold snap begins, the leaves of grapes begin to fall, so the grape vines are dug and transplanted into pots the size of 35 cm in depth.

The soil should be quite oily and sandy. Grapes should be made short pruning, and throughout the winter period stored in pots in the basement. From April you can transfer grape vines into a cold greenhouse or in a room for distillation. If the weather permits, grapes can be submitted to the sun and air, and if it is even possible, grape vines can be digged in the greenhouse.

Grape vines as a growing grapes culture in pots, continue to care for them, water them, tied grapes up weed until the end of September. Shoots that appear on the side buds plants, mostly die off by themselves, but if they are developed up to 85 cm, they still need to be cut. Pruning should be done for the grape vines too. Cut at a height of 1 or 1.5 m, in addition, sprouting escape only 5 cm. After that, grape grower should keep grapes in cold climate, clean leaves, trimmed roots of grapes, which have gone beyond the pot.

grapes in a pot

So, until December your growing grapes in pots should be kept in a cool cellar. After that contribute to the greenhouse in a cool place. Grape vines will grow gradually in the greenhouse to the kidney swelled. When the grpaes will have heir color, then the culture of grapes in pots transferred to another part of the greenhouse, where it will be cooler and more dense. Pots that are placed on the ground will allow the roots to penetrate the soil.

After the berries appereance should be cut all the shoots should be cut only leaving once that you choose for berries. At this period grapes in pots are well watered and fed. Fertilizer from pigeon droppings and cow dung diluted in water and water the grapes every day. So as you see, growing grapes in pots is no so hard. Of course you will not have the huge harvest, but if you want to grow grapes, you shuld try to grow grape vines in pot.

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