First Year of Growing Grape Vines


The growth of grape vine depends on the first ages of growing grapes and the time of its entry into fruiting.

In the first year after planting the grapes your care is aimed at growing strong plants. After planting it is necessary to make a special palce for growing grapes. During the summer period the soil of grape vines should be loosened several times after about 15 days to control weeds and crusts after rains. During 15 or 20 days after planting, it is necessary to check the mounds and facilitate the growth of shoots. In June and July in cloudy weather you should create the wells around the grape vines. Its depth must be about 15 cm and it is necessary to destroy the larvae of wireworms and cutworms. For a better development of the lower roots of the grapes on own-rooted grapes it is important to removed surface roots. After that the grape vines should be left open.

Young grape vines are needed enough moisture and good nutrition. In rain-fed areas it is necessary to give young grapes watering 2 or 4 times. Watering is carried out by furrows on either side of the grapes bushes, at a distance of 40-50 cm from them, at the rate of 600-800 cubic meters of water per 1 ha. In non-irrigated areas, watering of grape vines is carried out in the wells. Also grower should make fertilizer when watering up to 3 times over the summer. At the beginning of grapes growth period you shuld left only 2 or 4 shoots and break out the rest. Growing shoots shuld be tied up vertically to the pegs,which helps to accelerate the formation of a grapes.

young grapes
When the leaves reach the size of 8 cm, grapes should be sprayed with 0.5% solution of Bordeaux mixture. Then repeat the spraying with 1% solution of Bordeaux mixture, depending on weather conditions the spraying of grape veinse should be repeated up to 10 times in the summer period.

In areas where there is a risk of kidney damage by low temperatures, the first pruning is carried out in the spring. Along with trimming bushes it is neccessary to create the hole around the grapes and also remove the rootstock shoots. It is very important to destroy surface roots from own-rooted grapes. For young grapes it is important to made particular manure with the depth about 20-30 cm to increase the fertility of the soil in the autumn. During the winter period usually at a young vineyard it is necessary to set up trellis which helps you to tie up the bushes and ensure the proper formation of grape vines. In arid regions in winter and spring the most necessary measures are snow accumulation, snow retention and detention of meltwater.

As you know Grapes is a perennial vines. In comparisson with the other woody perennial vine, which have no lasting skeleton. Grapes can take very different forms depending on the growth conditions and the items covered by the grapes. So if you growing or planing to grow grape vines, it is important to ensure proper care of your grapes at the first year period of growing grapes.

This article shows you the main information about taking care at the first year of growing grape vines. I believe that it was useful for you, but, of course, there are much more concrete information about this topic which help you to became a expert in growing grapes. The only think that I can advise you is “The Complete Grape Growing System”. It contains a lot of necessary and useful information and I’m sure could be very helpful for you. Thanks for reading and have a greate success in your growing.

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