How to grow grape vines:
begin of growing grapes


Growing Grape Vines:

So you want to grow grape vines but do not know how to make the first steps? We will tell you what to do to grow great grapes by yourself. A lot of grapes lovers want to make their own vineyard and ofcourse to grow awessome grape vines. Looking at guys who started grow grapes in the past growing season, and analizing their results, you can notice that many of them make excellent results in the cultivation of grapes but others have some problems. Of course growing grape vines is not so easy question and there is no a simple answer on it but, all in all if you want to grow grapes it is important to know how to start.grape vines arch

Growing grape vines is not so hard as you can imagine, but the sense of satisfaction and juicy taste of your great grapes is priceless. Of course it is not enough to plant seed in the ground is not enough to get a enviable crop, you need to make a little more efforts to get a terrific crop the envy of your neighbors. So the main thing you need to do to begin growing great grape vines is to combine well-planned tasks in your first growing season.

In this article, I will try to give you some important information about growing grapes and tell you what you need to do to begin growing and what results you should expect. So if you ask me ““, the only thing a can tell is that you need to begin.

Where to grow the grapes?

There are a lot of types of grapes from black grapes to green grapes and even red grapes but it does not matter what type to choose if you do not know where to grow it properly. Grape vines grower always have got a nice trellises, good cuttings and even not bad soil to grow grape vines but using all that do not give them 100% chance to have a nice harvest. The main problem that people meet when start growing grapes is a wrong place choosen for grapes.

rows of grapesOf course you want to ask me what place will be the best to grow grapes. The answer is closly connected with soil PH, because PH is one of the most inportant things for growing. So first thing you need to do is to analiza the PH of your soil, if it is lower than 4,9 a lot of aluminium (Al) ions could be released which will be very hurmfull for your grapes. Aluminium ions could stop the provision of necessary nutrients for plant such as magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca) so your soil became totally unusable for growing grape vines.

So the first thing you need to do before starting to grow grapes is to analyze the soil PH and, of course, to make correctional fertilization before starting. And certainly you want to know what PH balance is suitable for grape vines. I’m happy to answer, the most ideal PH for growing grapes should be between 5.9 and 7.3 level or a little lower or higher.  Another important thing that you should to know when start growing grape vines is the soil structure. Deep soil is the best for growing grapes. Some soil structures can include a lot of split and clay, so you need to be ready to change its structure. And not forget that another plants which were growing there before created biological atmosphere which could be harmful for grapes. Sun plays another important role in growing grape vines especially  in productive period. Grape vines should get at least 80% of direct sunlight over the day, so choose the place carefuly. If grapes will get not enough sunlight, the buds on the plant could become infertile and, of course, will no bring any growth.

Analizing the above, I belive that your understand that choose place and spoil where you will grow your fantastic grapes is the most important thing for begining. Of course you know that the place where you plant is the home for your grapes and it must to be comfortable so make a choise carefuly and responsibly. It does not matter how many grapes you planing to grow, much inmortant to choose the nice space for growing. Analize the soil structure, look for PH and choose the sunny place, because you want to get a terrific crop. All in all the main goal for the first year grapes growing is to get the grape vine on the trellis wires.

In this article I gave you some important information which need you to begin growing your own grape vines. I think it was useful for you, but, of course, you need a lot to know if you want to became a expert in growing grapes. The only think that I can advise you is “The Complete Grape Growing System”. It contains a lot of necessary and useful information and I’m sure could be very helpful for you.

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