How to grow grape vines: How to Plant Grapes

How to Plant Grapes Correctly

planting grapes

When planting grapes we must remember that grapes require well-lit, open and sun-warmed plots. Rows of vines is better to place from south to north, and the bushes is better to covere evenly on all sides by a number. Planting density depends on several factors such as the quality of training and the type of soil, the area which was choosen for planting grapes, the forces of the bush growth, etc.

The distance between the bushes in the ranks should be 1.5 or 2 meters, you can plant thicker at the device of the two-plane trellis. The distance between the bushes on the arch shuold be 1 or 2 meters, it is depending on the thickening arches and soil preparation.

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