How to grow grape vines: Main Diseases of Grapes

Main Diseases of Grapes

Diseases of Grape Vines

The danger for the grapes can be from many pests and a variety of bacterial. Because of these diseases, as well as the fault of the adverse weather and soil conditions can be damaged about 30% of the crop. Also, grapes diseases and pests of grapes weaken and depleting reserves of nutrients. To save the harvest is necessary to protect the grapes from these disease. Consider the main grapes vines diseases and their treatment, as well as ways of pests liquidation.

Major Dieseases of Grape Vines and Their Treatment

When the grapes are striking by diseases, it is necessary to immediately determine the correct type of grape vines disease and take measures to solve them. In each case, you should carry out a complex chemical and agro-technical measures, utilizing the natural regulation factors.

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