How to grow grape vines: First Year of Growing Grape Vines

First Year of Growing Grape Vines


The growth of grape vine depends on the first ages of growing grapes and the time of its entry into fruiting.

In the first year after planting the grapes your care is aimed at growing strong plants. After planting it is necessary to make a special palce for growing grapes. During the summer period the soil of grape vines should be loosened several times after about 15 days to control weeds and crusts after rains. During 15 or 20 days after planting, it is necessary to check the mounds and facilitate the growth of shoots. In June and July in cloudy weather you should create the wells around the grape vines. Its depth must be about 15 cm and it is necessary to destroy the larvae of wireworms and cutworms. For a better development of the lower roots of the grapes on own-rooted grapes it is important to removed surface roots. After that the grape vines should be left open.

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How to grow grape vines: Harvesting grapes

Harvesting Grape Vines

Grape Harvesting

Harvesting of the grapes is one of the most important thing that grape vines growers should know how to do correctly. There are some important information which will help you to get great harvest of grape vines.

Only at full maturity of grapes its taste, nutritional and dietary qualities reach their maximum values of characteristic of the class. Do not forget that the grapes harvested prematurely can not ripen in maturation. But grapes, which was overriped on the bushes, become easy to prey for birds and insects, and of course, become unusable for storage. In addition, delayed harvesting dramatically reduces the degree of ripening vines. So the most important is the correct definition of the full maturity state of the grapes.

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How to grow grape vines: Take Care of Grapes

Take Care of Grape Vines

grape vines

If you grow grape vines or planing to grow them it is neccessary to know how to take care of your grapes. In the early years the young grapes should be well weed, loose and fed and watering should be done only when needed, for example, if it was too dry summer. In the year of planting grapes no pruning should not be done. In the following years will have to break off pinch and thin out the leaves. These techniques are necessary to the main fruiting shoots of grape vines receive good nutrition, and the bush become developed properly and gave the harvest.

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How to grow grape vines: How to Plant Grapes

How to Plant Grapes Correctly

planting grapes

When planting grapes we must remember that grapes require well-lit, open and sun-warmed plots. Rows of vines is better to place from south to north, and the bushes is better to covere evenly on all sides by a number. Planting density depends on several factors such as the quality of training and the type of soil, the area which was choosen for planting grapes, the forces of the bush growth, etc.

The distance between the bushes in the ranks should be 1.5 or 2 meters, you can plant thicker at the device of the two-plane trellis. The distance between the bushes on the arch shuold be 1 or 2 meters, it is depending on the thickening arches and soil preparation.

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How to grow grape vines: Growing Grapes in a Pot

Growing Grapes in Pot

grapes in pot

Grapes are one of the most popular crops to grow. But if you do not have a garden or a large area for growing grapes that does not mean that you can not grow grape vines.  For the cultivation of the grape vines in pots, the plants during all this period of growth is well watered and, if necessary, in the future bind to the pegs. When the cold snap begins, the leaves of grapes begin to fall, so the grape vines are dug and transplanted into pots the size of 35 cm in depth.

The soil should be quite oily and sandy. Grapes should be made short pruning, and throughout the winter period stored in pots in the basement. From April you can transfer grape vines into a cold greenhouse or in a room for distillation. If the weather permits, grapes can be submitted to the sun and air, and if it is even possible, grape vines can be digged in the greenhouse.

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How to grow grape vines: Main Diseases of Grapes

Main Diseases of Grapes

Diseases of Grape Vines

The danger for the grapes can be from many pests and a variety of bacterial. Because of these diseases, as well as the fault of the adverse weather and soil conditions can be damaged about 30% of the crop. Also, grapes diseases and pests of grapes weaken and depleting reserves of nutrients. To save the harvest is necessary to protect the grapes from these disease. Consider the main grapes vines diseases and their treatment, as well as ways of pests liquidation.

Major Dieseases of Grape Vines and Their Treatment

When the grapes are striking by diseases, it is necessary to immediately determine the correct type of grape vines disease and take measures to solve them. In each case, you should carry out a complex chemical and agro-technical measures, utilizing the natural regulation factors.

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How to grow grape vines: Global Warming

Global Warming is the huge problem

Global Warming

Probably every person of earth hear about global warming problem. So, for us, the main question is how global warming will influence on the grape vines growing. Of course, there are some persons who think that this global warming problem get to much attention and it is nothing to warry about. Whether you suppose in global warming or not, the fact is that temperature of earth is rising.

As every of grape growers know, the grapes maturate faster in hotter climates, so the global warming will not a problem for grape vines growing or not. Speaking about global warming, we should tell you about some experts opinions. They think that because of global warming, well authoritative wine-producing area may be facing hard times. An extremely hot days could be disastrous for grape vines growing.

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How to grow grape vines: Growing Seedless Grapes

Growing Seedless Grape Vines

Seedless Grapes

In latest aritcle was shown ““. As a lot of people prefere seedless fruit. In this article will be given some specific information about growing seedless grapes.

Let’s start with some information about seedless grapes as well. Nobody knows for sure where seedless grape vines come frome. Some people bevieves that seedless grapes is a result of thousands years changes in some western counties like Afghanistan. As everybody knows, seedless grapes produce the harvest without any seeds. But how to grow this type of grapes if there is no any seeds? Growing seedless grape vines begins from cutting the grapes shoots and then planting it to the soil. So these grapes will produce excellent, fruity and tasty seedless grape vines. So the only way to grow seedless grapes is to get some cuttings from another grower or buy from person, who grows seedless grapes. There are a lot of varieties of seedless grape vines, Sultana or Green Sultana is likely the popular in the world.  The main problem with groving seedless grapes is that these types of grapes surely produce very small berries.

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How to grow grape vines: Growing Grapes On The Pergola

Growing Grapes On The Pergola is easy.

Grape vines Pergola

Growing grapes on your pergola is easier than you might think. As you know, the grapes can grow completely on everything from ground to the walls and even trees. A lot of grapes growers use their plants not only for making a perfect harvest but also for decoration of their gardens. In fact, pergola is one of the best place you may choose for grape vines.

Let’s start to discuss a several questions about the construction of pergolas and growing grapes on a pergola. Of course, growing grapes on trellis is extremely recommended for grapes lovers and the pergola is one of the best type of trellis. Growing  grape vines on pergola makes it much lighter to keep the grapes under control during summer period and because of an fixed structure makes winter pruning much easier too. Also, the grape vine’s leaves will catch max of the essential for photosynthesis and growth sunlight if you will build a pergola. More over, growing grapes on pergola allows you to make more effective treatments and spray protection and consequently less diseases for the grapes. And of course, pergola is a perfect and exclusive decoration for your garden.

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How to grow grape vines: growing grapes from seeds

How to Grow Grapes from Seeds?

grapes seeds

Today there are a big variety of grapes from black grapes and white grapes to red grapes and green grapes. They all are delicious, fruity and in interesting to grow. Usually the persons who want to know ,  are interested in growing grapes from seeds. So some of grapes grower trying to grow grape vines from seeds.

But of course, growing grapes from seeds is not a perfect way to produce grapes, because the genetics of grape vines is not fully collected be the seeds. So, if you growing grapes from seeds, your grapes will not have the truly characteristics of this grade. With no doubt, it is not the easiest and quickest method to grow grape vines, probably it will take up to three or four years to produce some new grapes from the seeds.

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